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Laascaanod is the regional capital of the Sool region where every Dhulbahante sub-clan and lineage has some presence. The people of Laascaanod engage in business and trade with their neighboring communities and practice pastoralism as a subsistence way of life. According to the survey, the major
driver of the conflict is the political conundrum bred by Somaliland and Puntland over control of territory between Laascaanodin Sool and Yoocada, 15 km from Garowe, according to the British colonial boundary. The town of Laascaanod has been under the full control of the Somaliland Government since
2007 and provides social services and security to the citizens of the region. The survey fact that 97% of control and influence is taken by Somaliland. Policing and social services are provided by the Somaliland Government.

Laascaanod clans pride themselves on a common ancestry of the major clans of Mohamed Garaad and Baharsame. And the Mohamoud Garaad family tree leads to the Jaamac Siyaad and Ugaadh Yahar Siyaad sub-clans. There are also minority clans of Ugaasyo including sub-clans of Haamud, Hassan
and Mohamoud.

There are armed clan militias which fought against each other. For example, in the first half of 2020, around 27 people were killed in different parts of Sool and Buhoodle between neighboring clans. In July 2020, Reer Elmi and Fiqi-shinni fought in Adhicadeeye, which is 30 km north of Las Anod, where 3
men died and 2 were wounded.

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