Center For Democracy and Governance

Our Vision

We believe in a Democratic society where everyone can access to adequacy in human right, and social service and life free from fear and insecurity.

Our Mission

The Center for Democracy and governance shall provide democratic assistance and support to the Somaliland community and target groups.

About Us

About the CDG

The Centre for Democracy and Governance (CDG) is an independent, Somaliland-based nonprofit center of excellence that promotes the advancement of democracy and good governance. The deepening of democracy and works to contribute to peace and security in the Horn of Africa, the African continent, and beyond through dialogue, the pursuit of knowledge, and rigorous analysis of critical issues and developments. In exercising this responsibility, CDG focuses on the challenges of institution building, democratic governance, and the rule of law, as well as opportunities for peace, security, cooperation, and integration.


What We Do

Our Programmes

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Civil Society

A capable, effective and strong civil society is a foundational pillar of democratic government.

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Delivering on Democracy

Helping democratic institutions deliver improvements to citizens’ lives is an overarching objective of CDG programs.

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Livelihoods and Protection

We work with local leaders to deliver on protection systems, build capacity to have resilient communities

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Community Police Dialogues

CDG supported community police dialogue forums in Somaliland to create bridge between security providers and the community members.

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Legislative Strengthening

CDG stands for building national and regional-level legislatures in east Africa countries, and is considered to be one of the region’s leading legislative strengthening organizations.

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Enhancing Citizen Participation

In an eort to increase the responsiveness of local government to citizen concerns, CDG assists local governments to develop systems for more effective interaction between local officials and citizens.

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Local Government Strengthening

Emerging democracies face major diculties meeting public expectations, and as nations decentralize, citizens increasingly look to local governments for solutions.

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Human Rights

Increasing legal awareness and lobbying the traditional systems and government system to expand the spectrum of rules and law enforcement.

Who We Work With

Our Partners & Sponsors