Center For Democracy and Governance

Who We Are

About Us

Advancing Democracy & Good Governance

Centre for Democracy and Governance has been working to build  more  active, transparent, accountable, and government institutions around Somaliland for more than 6 years.


The center advocates community-police dialogue, civil society participation in decision making, and strong security providers where communities are able to collaborate with their security providers.


The Center has the expertise and capacity of young professionals who has strong relations to most of the regions of Somaliland; currently, the center has closely worked with government institutions, UN organizations, international organizations, and local organizations, CDG has area expertise in conflict analysis and conflict resolution and this action is for women and young people are more involved and play an increased and constructive role in local conflict management and decision-making processes in Eastern regions of Somaliland.


Additionally, we aim for women, girls and youth can participate in local policy-making and conflict resolution processes; as well as to empower young people, women, and girls and their perspectives through leadership training, conflict mediation training, and socio-cultural activities.


We believe in a Democratic society where everyone can access to adequacy in human right, and social service and life free from fear and insecurity.


The Center for Democracy and governance shall provide democratic assistance and support to the Somaliland community and target groups.

Our Target Groups

- Socio-economic groups (Local Communities)
- Civil societies
- Academic institutions
- Government and non-governmental institutions
- Political Parties Refugee and IDPs

What Is Important to Us

Our Core Values






Freedom of Expression

Social Responsibility


Our Goals

Our Objectives

As a civil society research, advocacy and capacity building organization, CDG is committed to a set of organizational principles and objectives. In the expulsion of its primary functions, CDG subscribes to principles of non-partisanship, not-for-profit, and independence, having as key objectives:

To carry out research and analysis of public policies,including monitoring their impact on democracy and good governance;

To publish and disseminate information on research findings so as to enlighten public policy debates and strengthen advocacy for alternative development strategies;

To develop ideas and methods for effective participation of civil society and private sector actors in the public policy process through the formulation, implementation and evaluation of economic and social development policies;

To conduct conflict analysis and organize conflict resolution events and community police dialogue workshops between the police and community.

To organize public forums to sustain popular participation in development policy thinking, dialogue, and consensus building to foster strategic partnership between non-state and state actors;

To promote awareness and strengthen respect for human rights and democratic values and norms in national and regional developmental processes.

To deliver capacity building trainings governmental and no-governmental organizations

Increase cooperation experience-sharing among Horn of Africa NGOs, political parties and government institutions.