Center For Democracy and Governance

Livelihood and Protection

"We work with local leaders to deliver on protection systems"

Most of the livelihood in Somaliland society and Somalia generally is shattered by resource destruction,

lack of access to shared resources, destruction of livelihood assets due to climate, disease and pest attacks

and this has been the case in most parts of Somaliland. However, the IDPs, pastoralists and agro-pastoralist each year suffer shortages to severe food insecurity which affects nutrition and leads to high global Acute Malnutrition rates. Confl­ict resulting from competition for production assets as water dams, grazing land. In Eastern and North western pastoral coastal areas.

We work with local leaders to deliver on protection systems, build capacity to have resilient communities.

We train communities as an intervention from the governance side and we intend to roll out food interventions, conditioned cash and food transfers. In our previous work on confl­ict we discovered the ultimate relationship between confl­ict, marginalization and food security. This motivated CDG to extend the framework from human capacity building to productive resource resilience. Work with local service providers, institutions and youth and women groups to enhance development

What We Do