Center For Democracy and Governance

Delivering on Democracy

"Helping democratic institutions deliver improvements to citizens’ lives."

Helping democratic institutions deliver improvements to citizens’ lives is an overarching objective of CDG programs. In many transitioning democracies, citizens have experienced either minor or no tangible benefits from their new governments: In Somalia/land this become a common challenge of peacebuilding and state-building, poverty levels have remained the same; government services remain ineffective or have disconnected from their governments. Government leaders who fail to deliver basic levels of stability, safety, and opportunity risk losing their legitimacy. When they fail to deliver on basic needs for prolonged periods, their poor performance can lead to a crisis of legitimacy not just for particular governments, but for the concept of democracy as a viable form of government.

CDG aims to address these issues in a number of ways. Through the Institute’s legislative, executive office, and local government strengthening programs, the center will assist government institutions in listening to citizens (through public hearings, for example), and responding to their concerns. CDG will also begin to help legislatures build capacity to address specific policy issues, focusing on legislative engagement on poverty reduction initiatives, CSOs policies, and management of oil, gas and mining industries.

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