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This report summarizes the findings and discussions of the recently conducted assessment
for “Organized Crimes in Somaliland.” The assessment was conducted during the month
of September 2021. The assessment was conducted by CDG and was a self-funding
assessment. The objective of the study or assessment is to get information of the
Organized Crimes in Somaliland, who are the actors, what are their motivations and
benefits and then we draw recommendations from the findings.

Somaliland has tried to maintain peace and stability in the country since 1991. But slowly
by slowly there has been increased cases and news of Organized Crime and emerging
trends over the last 10 years. The main organized crime activities range from human
trafficking, illegal migration, militia fighters and drug smuggling. The main groups involved
are the local youth of Somaliland, other clan members, foreigners and some of the
Somaliland diaspora. Attacks, fights, murders, robbery, theft and GBV has been seen
frequently in social media and news channels.

Somaliland systems and structures are generally still weak let alone to combat organized
crime in the country. This includes guideline and frameworks as well as physical
infrastructures and resources. There is also lack of databases of the trends of the
organized crime in Somaliland. The Somaliland Police Force also needs a lot of support
because they are the key players in maintaining peace and order in Somaliland. The
traditional leaders, including the young Suldan Daud Suldan Mohamed, need a lot of
support and capacity building because they are also key players in maintaining peace in the
clan-based communities of Somaliland.

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