Center For Democracy and Governance

PRESS RELEASE: A Political Milestone for Somaliland

We, the CENTER FOR DEMOCRACY AND GOVERNANCE do take this opportunity to congratulate all stakeholders who made it possible to make the “Agreement on 27th February 2020” which by any standards is a political milestone. First, we wish to congratulate the mediation committee made up of elders, religious leaders, traders and EU delegation on their effort to broker the agreement that will see Somaliland Council and Parliamentary Elections conducted in 2020. Our special congratulations also go to the ruling party Kulmiye and both opposition Waddani and UCID parties for accepting the recommendations of the mediation committee

With our constitutionally-based and popularly elected government, the Republic of Somaliland, has a democratic system matched by few other countries in Africa and the Middle East. However, as a country key challenges persist and need urgent attention,

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