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Assessing Mutual Benefits in the Ethio-Somaliland Red Sea Agreement

Home In the complex geopolitical landscape surrounding the Red Sea, the Ethio-Somaliland Red SeaAgreement emerges as a crucial diplomatic dance, requiring a careful assessment of mutual benefits.    The accord between Ethiopia and Somaliland signifies a strategic alignment, where both nations seek to capitalize on shared interests and forge a symbiotic relationship. Central to this… Continue reading Assessing Mutual Benefits in the Ethio-Somaliland Red Sea Agreement


Home Democratization in Somaliland has been a gradual process that has taken place over time. This process began in the early 1990s, when Somaliland declared its independence from Somalia, and has continued over the past two decades as more and more democratic reforms have been implemented. As of 2018, Somaliland has a multi-party-political system and… Continue reading DEMOCRATIZATION IN SOMALILAND


Home This report summarizes the recently completed pre-election conducted by CDG during the month of May, 2021. The main objectives of the assessment were to assess the pre-conditions for a free and fair credible local and parliamentary election process, to engage in dialogue with key stakeholders on the process – the NEC, the EU, political… Continue reading PRE-ELECTION ASSESSMENT REPORT


Home This report summarizes the findings and discussions of the recently conducted assessment for “Organized Crimes in Somaliland.” The assessment was conducted during the month of September 2021. The assessment was conducted by CDG and was a self-funding assessment. The objective of the study or assessment is to get information of the Organized Crimes in… Continue reading ORGANIZED CRIME IN SOMALIA